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David (Australia)
Sat, 13 Apr 2024, 3:56 am
Aggressively rude check-in person really left a bad first impression.
Summer Xia (China)
Thu, 13 Apr 2023, 2:55 pm
Can B-747 land at Faleolo Airport?
Cathy CHANG (Australia (currently visiting my family in South Korea))
Wed, 26 Feb 2020, 11:21 pm
Recently, my niece just got back from her honeymoon from Samoa Island. The newly wed couple live in South Korea and loved their time on the Island. However, I heard a sad story that they couldn’t bring back home some gifts, which they purchased in a duty free shop at the Incheon Airport for her family. As they purchased the presents at the duty free shop, they didn’t claim the item when they arrived in the Faleolo Airport. However, the Samoa Island Custom had taken away those gifts from them so the couple came back home without the gifts for her loved ones here in Korea. I live in Australia and have been here since my niece’s wedding ceremony. As her aunt, I would like to know why?
Mum (NZ)
Thu, 27 Jun 2019, 10:03 am
Great to see the new and improved building facilities, however the cleaners need to actually clean and not stand around gossiping and staring at passengers. Was so happy to see a baby changing room, however when I entered with my baby, I almost fainted at the dirty state of the room and the one couch in the corner. The one sink looked like it hadn't been scrubbed in months and there was a very small rubbish bin with no lid so it could only fit 1-2dirty nappies with the smell coming back at you.
Russell (Papua New Guninea)
Mon, 21 Jan 2019, 11:10 pm
I'm planning a 10 days solo trip to Samoa via Fiji, Do I need a Visa to enter Samoa ? What sort of documents do I need to have with me to enter Samoa.
J Rolls (Aotearoa)
Sun, 25 Nov 2018, 8:35 pm
My Samoa holiday was excellent.... until I got to the airport to go back to New Zealand. The staff were rude and were digging through my bag before I could get through the scanner to be present. What a way to ruin a good holiday.
Simon (please don't print my first name) (NZ)
Mon, 13 Aug 2018, 9:26 am
Please remove the "Marital Status" question on your arrival forms.

My ex-wife severely abused me. You reminded me of this as my first Samoa experience. My holiday couldn't have started any worse.

Other countries don't ask this. It is useless statistical data, and will upset many passengers who have had to go through an experience like mine. It most certainly should not be your first experience upon arrival.
Sky Al Ju (Syria)
Thu, 28 Jun 2018, 12:16 am
My name is sky and I'm a Syrian artist living in Jordan. I'm planing to come to Samoa on September the mid or the end. I need to know what kind of documents do I need to have, cause I don't have to apply for a visa I can get the visitor's permit visa on arrival for three months. Do I need to have tow tickets or a transit visa? Thanks.
Jan signal (Nz)
Thu, 24 May 2018, 2:42 pm
Left jacket on seat in boarding area , came back in 5mins and it was gone. Couldn’t get staff to help. Disappeared. Stolen ?
Mr F Paotonu (New Zealand)
Fri, 18 May 2018, 10:53 am
I was in Samoa May 2017 and also May 2018,and visited the VIP lounges inquiring about the Koru Club. I was told on both occasions that it would be opened soon. Back in NZ I inquired with the Koru Club office and was advised that they have NO plans of opening one at Faleolo International Airport soon. If that is the case then the information I received from staff and the advertising at the Airport appeared to be false and misleading.
DJ (Sydney)
Fri, 9 Feb 2018, 8:23 pm
travelled from Apia last week Thursday, and boy was I shocked. The security guy that stands at the door before you walk in through to the airport security, was first of all rude, ova kele le fia kama mamafa ae leiloa gagu fa'alelei le alelo. We were just about to walk through and he just came and snatched my bag off me and goes I can't take it up on the plane, telling me to go check it in, we have just finished checking in with most of our luggage going down, I told him check in is closed, and kept saying I don't care you, I said im going to miss my flight, and he kept saying I don't care and he got all up in my face the wannabe tough guy. Mate you have one job, to open and close the door not to try and start a one on one. Like I told you before I recorded you, don't make me put you on shame, next time don't be snatching other peoples things and learn how to speak english, coz it seemed like all you new to say was 'I don't care'
Paul Palango (Canada)
Wed, 24 Jan 2018, 3:42 pm
My wife and I were travelling from Fiji to Honolulu via Apia on Fiji Airways.
After the plane landed we were all ordered off the plane with all our personal effects. Everything was run through a scanner. The two bottles of liquor we bought legally at Suva airport were confiscated. No explanation. No receipt.
No nothing. Legalized highway robbery. Even the Samoans sitting at the nearby cafeteria astonished. "That's not right," one of them said. We didn't even enter the country. And we weren't allowed to check the luggage. "you can go upstairs and buy more," the feckless customs officer said. "Yeah, right." Like I said, legalized theft. So wrong. Shame on Samoa.
Brown (NZ)
Mon, 25 Dec 2017, 7:38 pm
I am so sick and tired of APW customs trying to get us to pay this supposed DUTY FEE for personal effects we bring over for family! I go over several time's a year because unfortunately for us, my mother has decided to reside there and I always seem to be the last one checking out after having to battle it out with some idiot trying to swindle a buck from us! Does anyone else experience this or are we the only one's?
Henrique Savea (Savaii)
Tue, 28 Nov 2017, 11:00 am
On 21/11/17 I was to fly back home to AKL, thought it would be a good idea to have a few Vailimas at the bar before departing. I paid for my first beer and it went great. The waiter came by and asked if I wished to have another and so I did giving him 5 tala cash, 5 mins later another waiter comes to me and asks kindly if I could leave the table as I had finished my beer and was only sitting there, I advised him I was waiting on my second beer I ordered with another waiter. He comes back again and asked if I could pay as the waiter I supposedly paid to didn’t get any cash from me. Utterly disappointed I advised him I wont be paying extra as I already gave him the money and he knows it. They both walk away and have a few whispers and I notice him speaking in Samoan saying “I’ll have it” most likely meaning the money I gave him. (Note I am Samoan and can understand the language) by this stage another waiter ends up coming to my table and giving me the beer I paid for. Utterly disappointing to see our people still trying to scam one another for a few extra pennies in their pocket.
Don Arnold
Sat, 25 Nov 2017, 2:31 pm
For a new terminal I would have expected either a public wifi or at least decent mobile connectivity. Currently no accessible wifi and a very slow mobile connection that's not 4G.
S Foisa
Mon, 9 Oct 2017, 7:20 pm
VA73 Oct 2 Mon 9.15pm arrival. Customer service from a female customs officer, was non welcoming, no greeting, just the 'slam down' of the passport on the counter, 'next' attitude. A smile would
ve so made this comment more positive. Staff need to communicate more with the passengers on directing them along their way as passengers are not sure on what is expected of them.
VA74 Oct 8 Sun 9.55pm departurre, at check in, asked by large male airline agent to remove AA batteries used to power my digital camera from suitcase and to transfer them to a carry on bag, so obliging to their prohibited item rules I did, only to reach their screening point and a female officer to tell us they are prohibited in the carry on bag and should've been placed in the suitcase. We explained that we followed the airlines instructions, which of course to be told that the airline was wrong, we were given the option to go back to check in, with the batteries, but at this point, the tolerance rate is not doing well, so we relinquished the batteries. which left me wondering how am I to carry basic AA batteries from Samoa are they to be mailed out? Very frustrating when two parties have different rules within the same airport and the passenger whose following the rules of one party gets punished by the other.
Then walking on tarmac to get to the plane in the dark, blasting engine noise, windy conditions, Virgin ground staff shouting out instructions, one cannot hear anyway, I lightly stumble on an uneven surface, female airline staff shouts' 'Thats why we telling you to walk over here! pointing down to the tarmac, then the young man behind me almost falls. A suggestion, how about simply placing reflective cones or taping off a safe walkway to the plane, to avoid any accidents.
The two staff members, male and female who reflected a positive attitude towards us, were the lovely two people serving us at the ground level shop. Big warm smiles to go with their quick efficent service. Well done to them both. Sandwiches we bought were 'yummy'. Hoping this comment will help towards improving communication between departments, to be consistent with the prohibited item rules and to improve on how the passengers are treated. A smile goes a long way.
Annie (Australia)
Sat, 22 Apr 2017, 2:47 pm
I don't think Samoan airport security have ever seen a compacted selfie stick with a Bluetooth battery remote attached to it. Lady said she needed to check my bag after the X-ray, then got another security guy to look at the screen. They laughed a bit. And then they didn't end up checking my bag...
M. Virden
Sat, 11 Mar 2017, 7:13 pm
I am very disappointed in our experience at this airport. My son got randomly checked right before getting on the plane. I had boarded not knowing that he was stopped. He had a glass bottle from Hobbiton in New Zealand as a souviner. They took it from him and would not allow him on the plane with it. They said no glass is allowed on the plane. We had passed two screening previously and they sell alcohol in glass bottles at every duty free station and people board with what they buy. The airport security need to be better trained because we lost something we can't replace.
IT (Samoa)
Wed, 31 Aug 2016, 8:57 am
Information on this page needs an update. Tourist are getting the wrong info. Where is this specialized airport bus service? The only bus transfers I've ever seen at the airport cost $20 up. Also, a Taxi to Apia usually costs $60.00 tala, not $40 mentioned on your site.

Why is there no contact details for this site. How are people supposed to make contact with you if they have an enquiry? The number on your site to contact for public transport +685.23014 is disconnected. Please correct your information on this page.
Kim Buckley (New Zealand)
Sat, 30 Jul 2016, 6:51 pm
Samoa is a Pacific Island Airport, and has a lot of people that live there going to and fro from the airport so don;t have the inferstructure. I know that its frustrating, But thats sort of part of going to samao. Pretty, and a bit like going to bali in the 80's. Not trashed by tourists. The only thing going to these places, if the flights cancelled orgainse yourself, and get on with it I suggest OR go to Australia... Easy solved. Travel insurance pays for these things if you keep the dockets
Sigalu Levave (Australia)
Sun, 8 May 2016, 6:18 pm
Appauled at the service that Faleolo Airport staff showed when my partner and I and other Samoan received when there was a Cyclone Amos warning arose. We were told to leave the airport after being left there by the Alliance staff at the terminal with no place to go for accommodation. People should be priority not the place as the place can be rebuilt but not people if they lose their lives after being kicked out of the airport.
Fri, 6 Nov 2015, 5:51 pm
23 Oct 2015 flight V092 at 1010pm. Flight was cancelled. No system up and running for this type of situation. No food or drinks offered if not asked it would not be given and was not mentioned to everyone on this flight waiting for buses to take to hotels. 2hours waiting. Should be elderly and children attended first. Buses took for ever getting there and some had no money to take sick children to hospital this should be a red flag with a sick child.
Veronica (American. Samoa)
Mon, 26 Oct 2015, 12:29 pm
How much for a round trip Australia for 3person
33yrs ,30yrs n 3yrs pls in samoan money .
Samoa to Melbourne Australian (Algeria)
Mon, 27 Apr 2015, 7:40 am
Mr and Mrs
Thanks for Page
I live in Algeria and my name Mohammed and worker at a university in Algeria.
Rank. Vocational first level factor. Contracting .
I am every year. Summer vacation 45 days.
from the Faculty of Science and Nature and life at a university in Algeria
i like Malaysia in the summer time perhaps this year. .
or At the time of summer 2016.
I'll go to a Malaysian I stay only 10 day .
I also want to go to Samoa i have my girlfriend from solosolo . this country's Malaysian and Samoa
Malaysia 3 months and Samoa 60 days . Without visa a special for Algerian citizen
I'm Algerian And Passport Algeria
if i'm in Malaysian this summer time how to go to Samoa? i want go to my girlfriend
Joseph Dunn (a former Travel Agent) (United States)
Sun, 5 Apr 2015, 5:49 pm
For G-ds sakes you all complain about the shoddy service you all get. May I remind you that you chose to go to a very primitive Island-YOU'RE NOT GOING TO NEW YORK CITY. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you go with the attitude that everything will work like clock work on your visit to this or other islands like this then you're in for a rude awakening but, if you go with the attitude that you're going to be having an awful time, nothing will go right, and take this to stride, you'll have a fantastic time-cause your anticipation of the negative will turn to positive. This is true for all other areas you want to travel to. If you want to keep bring souvenirs, for G-d's sake go and pack it with bubble wrap and put it in a box and go to the nearest official post office and send it back to you. This might cost you more but, you'll be assured that your item(s) will get to you and furthermore you won't be lugging around your souvenirs and you'll be lighter. True example-I went to New York City and went to the Barnes and Noble clearance bookstore on 5th avenue and while I was in New York I was watching a commercial on tv there about a $19 huge dictionary at Barnes and Noble and I went to the store and purchased the book and so that I wouldn't be lugging it around, I paid a little more to have them ship it to my home in L.A. and sure enough a few days after I returned from NY my dictionary arrived unharmed to my home. Also if you go to a location that has deliveries from fed ex or ups overnight consider shipping your luggage to your destination where when you arrive at your destination you'll be traveling lightly therefore further enjoying your travels.
Jem (samoa)
Wed, 7 Jan 2015, 4:11 am
Does anyone know contact for lost and found property in Faleolo Airport. Before another day ticks over...I understand it's technology is slow in the country... most countries are too...but just a simple service.. I can't get on any search engines...
waheed mashraqui (Pakistan)
Thu, 1 Jan 2015, 8:05 pm
Hello Happy new year to all,Is there flight from Samoa Apia to Osaka Japan non stop flight ,Direct flight from both side .Thanks ...!
Frequent traveller
Wed, 25 Jun 2014, 2:13 pm
This airport is very basic and should not be used for long periods of waiting. Catch a taxi to Aggie Grey's (10 mins away) instead to wait more comfortably and eat and drink.

In the early mornings eg. 6am, a small coffee/snack bar is open at the gate lounge AFTER check in/security/immigration.

As for everyone's troubles with purchasing spirits or traveling with glass bottles - expect total inconsistency in a country like this. It is poorly regulated and trained and most times, it depends on who you speak to or who you know and if you are clearly a foreigner attempts to extract more money from you will be made. You get just as ripped off here as other parts of the world.

In typical island fashion, the planes rarely leave on time because passengers are always late. For very early morning flights don't bother arriving 2-3 hours before as per international norms as immigration won't even be open and you'll just be stuck out the front area with no food or drink shops.

Don't let the state of the airport fool you though - the rest of Samoa is very beautiful.
Mon, 28 Apr 2014, 1:42 pm
Was sold bottles of spirits at the duty free after showing boarding passes that clearly showed a connecting international flight in NZ. was told they only needed to see one boarding pass and they wrote down the flight details on the flight exiting samoa

was sold the bottles anyway and told to just show the receipt and it would be fine

bottles were all confiscated in NZ and we were advised that they should not have sold them to us as they would have been aware that this would happen

way to leave a last impression by ripping you off at the airport on your way out
Malika (New Zealand)
Thu, 16 Jan 2014, 1:51 pm

Are there any money exchange or ATMS counters available at this airport? once we arrive I would like to change my NZD to Tala but need to know if there is anywhere available to do this? as the 'contacts' page is blank so I have no idea what is available at the Samoan airport?
Su'a (Samoa)
Mon, 13 Jan 2014, 8:19 am
Pale how about you tell your SAA to get their website online this century? It has been 'under construction' for several years now. Faleolo is the first and last glimpse of samoa that tourists see and the comments on this feedback are here exactly because SAA are so damn useless. A website should've been up years ago.
Pale (Samoa)
Wed, 25 Sep 2013, 5:12 pm
This website is not the Samoa Airport Authority's website as their new website is under construction. This website will not provide any answers to your queries. If you want to contact the airport authority you might want to email their personnel like or or their security guy
Vanessa (New Zealand)
Fri, 20 Sep 2013, 11:40 am
I flew out of Apia on the 19th Sept at 1.50am, flight NZ991 to AKL. I left my camera behind on one of the lounge seats next to the bar, Gate 2. I contacted the airport about 2 hours after I arrived in NZ. First, finding a contact was a hassle on the internet. Then talking to about 3 different people who answered asked the exact same questions that shouldve been saved on a database to save money, as I was calling international. They werent even really sure what a camera was, and dont really seem eager to help out. When I asked if they even have a 'lost and found' area they simply answered no...It's really disappointing to know that someone out there has someone elses camera full of happy memories that just wont return it in with honesty. I simply just want my photos, they're worth much more to me than the camera itself.
Guan (China)
Fri, 19 Jul 2013, 3:46 pm
i am arriving in Apia at 0am i morning,are there buses meeting these planes to get into city?OR,Could you tell me the motel close to the airport?
Edgar Twining
Sat, 6 Jul 2013, 10:56 pm
Does the non directional aircraft beacon FA on 270 kHz at Faleolo airport have two side bands?

Reception of the signal here has only the upper sideband.
Darren (Australia Head Office)
Mon, 1 Jul 2013, 7:16 pm
Firstly - the "contact" link to contact the airport comes up with a blank page, or i would be contacting directly.
Now my issue:
The security staff member in the gate lounge needs some training. I flew Saturday 29 June and I had an EMPTY decorative glass alcohol bottle in my carry on baggage as I did not want it broken in the checked baggage. He told me that this was classed as a dangerous article. I questioned him that i could go through security and buy a similar glass bottle (just not decorative) from the duty free store and walk on the aircraft no problem. He agreed with me but said i was not able to take one through the security checkpoint. Even when i asked him to point out to me on the dangerous articles poster right beside him where glass was not allowed, he refused. That is ridiculous. I work for an airline and have asked our security team about this, and they have confirmed that an empty glass bottle is not a dangerous object. The rules are around sharp objects, liquids, aerosols and gels.
Please educate the security personnel on this so they do not take items off other travellers when there is no reason to do so. I am sure my bottle will be sitting on his shelf at home.
SIO (brisbne)
Sun, 30 Jun 2013, 1:39 am
a young (new zealand)
Sat, 9 Mar 2013, 12:48 pm
i am arriving in Apia at 1am i morning,are there buses meeting these planes to get into city?
Bev Coltman (Australia)
Fri, 4 Jan 2013, 3:32 pm
Is there anywhere to eat at the Airport at 5ish in the morning
Frances (NZ)
Mon, 24 Dec 2012, 1:07 pm
Hi there,

I came through the airport via departure terminal on the 2nd Dec about 12am-1am. I came home to find that I was missing a black coin purse which had some jewerlly in it and wanted to confirm if this was found.

Can you please advise.

Andy Jalfon (Auckland)
Fri, 7 Sep 2012, 3:42 pm
Customs was very slow on arrival but great to see a band playing - espaecially as we arrived after midnight. But please, PLEASE talk to Air New Zealand about getting a Koru Lounge in there. I was really missing it.
Wasted Gift Purchase (Auckland)
Thu, 12 Jul 2012, 2:12 pm
The gift shop attendant encouraged the purchase of bottles of Mailelani body lotion and massage oil, saying that we could take it through the checkin if she put the bottles in zip lock plastic bags. We queried the fact and asked SPECIFICALLY if we were allowed it through, to be told a resounding YES!!! Imagine the disappointment when the newly purchased gift was confiscated after the bag xray at checkin.
What a big scam!!!! How many more unopened bottles of Mailelani get confiscated at xray point, and where do they end up???
Mon, 25 Jun 2012, 12:22 pm
The airport desperately needs an upgrade to the terminal facilities and services. The last upgrades were done in 2001. If Samoa wants to rely on tourism for the next stage of its economic plan, then the airport needs a serious upgrade, including enclosed gate aerobridges. The airport is the first & last thing tourists see of our country!. The SAA master plan should be online as well. Why isn't it online? Only KVA's jobsheet is online.
Maamaloa (Tonga)
Tue, 12 Jun 2012, 4:47 am
The airport is not generally good but my biggest disappointment is the ground handler. Very unhelpful and just not willing to help.I traveled on Sunday 10th June from Apia to Tonga via Auckland on DJ but my NZ visa was issued in error with an expiry date one day before I traveled. Having called my agent back home she then advised that the ground handlers can get authority from NZ Boarders cos its a genuine mistake from NZ Immi.Oceania advise they have no time to call anyone and would not speak with my agent back home as they only follow what the system gives. I had to pay a another ow tkt on Air NZ to the value of NZD900.00 only to get to NZ and explain to immigration at the airport which took them 15mins check in the system and apologise for the inconvenience and allowed me to go outside the terminal.Just one lousy phone call would of avoided everything... They need to be taught how to give extra mile services... Totally ruin everything I liked about my visit.
Mon, 6 Feb 2012, 5:12 pm
Having travel to Samoa twice a year in the past 8-9 years, nothing has changed. Toilets outside where Westpac/Anz is located, is filthy. Something needs to be done with the restrooms. Same goes with the restrooms inside where you collect your bags. The condition of the toilets are filthy and have this stench that is unhygenic. For tourists to enter faleolo airport and see the condition of the toilets would be a disgrace to samoa. In order for people to have positive comments on the airport, how about upgrading the toilets. The staff working in passport control as well as the baggage handlers are very friendly but the only downfall about the airport is the toilets. Im sure everyone else agrees with the condition of those toilets.
Fui (Australia)
Mon, 17 May 2010, 11:38 am
Are there ATM's or money exchangers at the airport please?
Teleise SIvanila (New Zealand)
Thu, 6 Mar 2008, 12:14 pm
This is a great airport! friendly people and great things to look at, can't forget the FOOD!!! the BEST!!!

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